[V7] Salary Slip Based on Timesheet Issues


The Salary Slip Based on Timesheet feature is really cool and I can see this also being very useful in handling things like Overtime which are variable elements in a salary structure. I however noticed a few issues which I’d like to point out here:

  1. There should be a way to indicate in the Time Sheet Details if an employee should be paid for a task just like we can indicate if it is billable
  2. In the salary slip, the Salary Component (Earning) does not get updated when a Time Sheet row is removed or when the Total Working Hours/Hour Rate is changed (even after Saving changes!)
  3. There’s currently no way to differentiate between Earning and Deduction components. This means the same component can be selected both as an Earning and a Deduction!

Please help look into these


@wale can you post this on GitHub Issues?

@rmehta Done!


Sorry may I know where can I find this feature as I could seems to find it.

It’s an option when creating salary slip for an employee


Could it be I am in wrong the version? I am using the production image
provided for Virtual Box.