[V7] Stock Entry "Not in Stock" Alert removed?

Hello everyone,

On version 6.x we used to have a useful “Not In Stock” Alert showed next to the Strock Entry Detail, when the stock qty was not enough to complete the current transaction (negative stock not allowed).

now on V7, i cannot find this feature, was it removed ? or it is just an issue on my instance?

If it was removed, any ideas how can i implement it again ?

Thank you very much, for your help.

With version 7, we have introduced editable grid/child table. Since grids are editable now, we cannot show indicators in it. However, you can switch earlier functionality of non-editable grid and get indicates related to stock availability as earlier. Steps below.

  1. Stock Entry List > Menu > Customize
  2. In the Customize Form, select “Stock Entry Detail” as a Doctype.
  3. Uncheck “Editable Grid” field for it.
  4. Update.
  5. Refresh your ERPNext account and then check Stock Entry form.

Thank you very much it worked,

The message “Not In Stock” is gone now we have a green or red dot, next to the stock entry detail but it works fine anyway.