[v7] supplier_name in Purchase Invoice/Purchase Order


After having set supplier naming by series, I don’t see supplier_name being populated and/or shown in the Purchase Invoice/Purchase Order Form. Anybody else having same issue?


Is there any specific/valid reason of populating Supplier naming series on purchase invoice/order other than Supplier name?

When we set supplier naming by series generally a code is generated for that supplier. I am doing this in case there are 2 or more supplier with similar names. (In our trade this is possible!)

Now here i would like to a similar behaviour in po/pi to that of so/si, where if we set customer naming by series, customer_name is fetched and populated.

I am not sure but I see a problem here: erpnext/purchase_common.js at 5c52fa9785a762978b408ad9c07a35fea80484a3 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

However even if I change this.supplier_name with this.frm.doc.supplier_name It does not help.

Again to explain the problem: I need to see “Supplier Name” in Purchase Invoice if I set the Naming of Suppliers to a “Series”. A similar function as we see in Customers.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction?

Pushed a fix in develop branch.