[v7] Unable to submit Purchase Receipt due to Warehouse issue


We are currently on ERPNext: v7.0.0-beta and noticed that we are unable to submit Purchase Receipt and are faced with the following error. Kindly advice :

The warehouse used was FinSvc Warehouse. The following is the structure of our warehouses :

Thank you.

@asneha1 There was a bug in a patch, thus all warehouses get converted to a group. We have fixed that issue.

To convert warehouse to non-group, edit group warehouse and convert it to non-group.

Unable to Submit Purchase Order - Group node warehouse is not allowed to select for transactions

When attempting to change All Warehouse from group to NonGroup - Warehouses with child nodes cannot be converted to ledger

Last update (develop) today.

I have had the same issue. It looks like warehouses that had entries attached to them that were converted to groups can’t be converted to non-group?