V7: website: label/row oredring

Hi all,
Trying to customize the website on V7, is there any quick way to order the label/row for the menu?
For example I wanted to move About Us before Contact. How do you do it other than add New row?


are you has try drag and drop with your mouse?

Hi @komsel2228 , that what I thought, but it does not work. can’t drag and drop the row.

@roblin i try in my erpnext :
i can drag and drop it with my mouse.

check your role permission manager “role website manager”
checklist “write” to doctype “website settings”

@komsel2228, hmm that’s odd, as I have website manager role and it has write permission on the doctype.
What is your version? Mine is ERPNext: v7.0.33 and I use Chrome. I might try using different browser.

erpnext version 7.0.43 frappe 7.0.32

maybe you can check javascript in your browser

@komsel2228, yeah it works in IE but not in Chrome, problems is for other behaviors I prefer chrome.

i use chrome and mozilla. its works. reinstall your chrome, and check your javascript.

That is weird you should be able to drag the columns. Can you check if there is some error in browser console?

@komsel2228, @KanchanChauhan,
Yes that’s odd i have the latest version of Chrome and javacript is allowed.
There is no error on the console.
I can see the cursor changes to the 4 arrows shape but can’t drag and drop. I have tried both on my own hosted ERPNext which is V7 and the cloud hosted which is version 6.27, but I can’t drag and drop.

Even more odd as I can drag and drop in this test page: bestvpn.org

try again:
open custom form “website setting”
find “Top Bar Items” and remove checklist “ready only”
and try that with user “Administrator”

go to “portal settings”
can you drag and drop?

I have exact the same problem as @roblin
I use opera browser, but opera uses chrome engine

is there any other way t move the items in the table?

I checked in edge browser, and there it works, but not in opera or chrome