[V7] What replace Financial Analytics reports in v7?

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Congratulations for ERPNext and version 7 !

I’m actually on Dolibarr but I evaluate to switch to ERPNext it’s a very good project.

Actually I try to answer to this question (context is a company that sold only SaaS) : How to see Income and detailed (ex. development, markenting, hosting) Expanses for a project ?

I have read https://frappe.github.io/erpnext/user/manual/en/accounts/articles/tracking-project-profitability-using-cost-center.html that explain how to see Projectwise Profitability. There are reference to Financial Analytics reports but it’s deprecated in v7 Charts on reports / activity page, deprecated financial analytics report by nabinhait · Pull Request #5399 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub and I don’t see where I can found now these report.

How to see Financial Analytics replacement report in v7 ?

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I also want to know the same… Can anybody share how to do this…?

Check Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement report


Thanks for the instant reply. May i know, how to see the individual cost center P & L report

That feature is missing. But it is in our to do list, will soon make a separate report for that.


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@nabinhait do you have news about the Financial Analytics replacement report v7

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Analysis based on cost center will come in v7.1

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Hi Nabin, The “Financial Analytics” report was already there and I presume it was working fine. It is quite critical to us, we have already setup the cost centers and would like to see the report.

By when do you think it will be available?