V8 address form bug?

I noticed that the Address form in v8 is incomplete compared to that of v7. It’s missing company info and supplier info and other stuff. I’ve attached a screenshot.

As per the new design, Company and Company Name will be selected in the child table, where we select Customer/Suppliers.

can you please explain? I don’t see this table anywhere. thus I think it’s a bug.

@umair please provide documentation for this new design. Otherwise I have no idea how to assign address to a company.

this is from v8 on the .erpnext.com hosted platform.

I am stuck here as well. I cannot figure out how to import all of my customer addresses. There is no “apparent” link to connect them and I have not found any document to help with resolving this. At this point I only have 4,600 customer names in my system and cannot figure out how to get their addresses and contact information into the system.

As an implementer (not a programmer) I am not sure what exactly [quote=“umair, post:2, topic:23148”]
selected in the child table

is supposed to mean. “Child table” sounds like a database term, but makes no sense to many of us.

How does that translate to importing all of my customer addresses? Or how to even add them when I create new customers? Where can we find more information on this new design that might be able to explain how we are supposed to interact with it?