[v8] All blog categories show the same blog post list

Hello awesome people,
I am using ERPNext v8 and this is my issue: I have 3 different Blog Categories, and only 1 Blog Post which belongs to one of these 3 blog categories. Now on the website homepage when I go to any categories (i.e /blog/category-01), it shows the same Blog Post list, which make my readers crazy. Please take a look at the following 3 urls:

This is working fine for our blog site. It’s running on version 8.

Please add multiple blogs on your site and check again.

I added multiple categories. How can I add multiple blog? I’m using v8.0.7
and it allows only one Blog Setting!?

You can add new Blogs from:

Website > Blogs > New

Ensure that new Blog has new category. Publish it.

Check Blogs list (on website) and try to filter list based on Blog Category by clicking on the Blog Category link.

The problem is that I can’t find anything related to your answer. Where is that “Blogs” module? There are only Blog Post, Blog Settings, Blog Category

@umair refers to the ‘Blog Post’ module itself, where you can create new blogs.

I’m sorry but when I go to “Blog Post” > click New > it shows a form to compose a new Post, not a new Blog. Can you please show me step by step to create multiple blogs?

Check: Frappe Cloud

Thank you but I did exactly the same steps