[v8] Kanban - User can create a Board but only Admin is allowed to see it

I just have updated a testing server to v8 (which by the way worked like a charm, so the new Beta Testing routine [in place since 7.2] helps a lot)

Keen on trying the new Kanban feature I run into a problem with permissions.

  • I can create a Board but am not allowed to see it.
  • So, what permission/roles do I need?
  • I am a Project Manager and Project User, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Can’t see any role named Kanban.

Any advice would be welcomed

EDIT: The Role Permissions Manager (which I am not very familiar with yet) list ‘All’ for the Kanban Doctype (with read, write, create marked), so that seem then I should be allowed to see the Board or do I get something wrong here?

for what i have tested so far in V8 every time you create a kanban need to reload the page to be able to see it, can you please check?

Did refresh my browser and also clicked the ‘Refresh’ button
Now, coming from the Kanban Board List (where my newly created Board is listed) I

  1. click on my board which Opens it
  2. then I click on Show Board on the upper right

and still get a Sorry! You are not permitted to view this page.

EDIT: even a restart of the ERPNext server give the same result.The Administrator can though. So this may be permission related still … just how?

ISSUE: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/8278

seems I got it all wrong in a way. closed the issue. and also this topic