Vagrant Box Tutorial - Location?

A question for the core team. I would like to create a tutorial on how to setup a local developer environment using the ERPNext vagrant box. This would be aimed at beginner Dev’s. Where would the best place to put this tutorial.


On these forums.



You can create a wiki page Home · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub


@System19 I think that a best way is to continue with GitHub - frappe/erpnext_vagrant: Vagrantfile and Bootstrap for creating a dev environment for ERPNext

It’s not maintained, but is much more stable than vagrant box.

I’m talking it, because since 2015 it’s my standard way to develop, and still working fine!

Using the ERPNext Vagrant box I get SNIMissingWarning and InsecurePlatformWarning errors while running bench update.
I have tried to follow the instructions at but had no luck. Does anyone know how to fix? There is a way to suppress the warnings without fixing the issue but this isn’t of course best practice. Any ideas?


You need to install openssl libs, including devel. To fix it you can follow this tutorial.