Validate Attendance for Working Days/Leave without Pay consideration


Human Resource has “Validate Attendance” in Payroll Process. I mean “Validate Attendance” gives us the option to recheck the attendance marking for employees. but if an employee is actually absent, then while processing payroll and creating salary slips, the working days should be “working days - absent days” as these absents are actually leave without pay or should be considered as leave without pay.

For example, this employee has 19 days present for January.

While the payroll was processed the “Validate Attendance” was marked and the created salary slip did not consider those absent days. 26 working days as 5 days were weekly holidays. How can I consider those absent days as leave without pay without the manual process?

Otherwise this feature does not fulfill the very requirement that it should fulfill.
Any idea how can I avail that?

Hi , I need the solution for above requested query. Please help.

Hello, this feature has been developed and you can check the PR for the same here:

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Yes, thanks. I came to know about it but I had already posted this thread. I’ve also gave some suggestions to that PR that will fullfil so many requirement

hello @michelle
I want to know this one already released or not yet, because i couldn’t find in my version

Hello @santhida, this has not yet been merged. As for now, please follow the workaround of manually creating LWPs via leave applications for salary deduction in payroll entry.

Hope this helps.

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