Validate Item Price against Price List in a sales order

I have this requirement that I need guidance with

On entering a sales order a “regular” Sales User should be allowed to change the price of an item, only if the value he is changing to is HIGHER than the price list used for the sales order.

However, in such scenario, a user with a higher privilege should be able to decrease the price below the price list used by the current price list.

The Validation against the selling price would not work in this case, as it can not be overridden by the user with higher authority.

Any Guidance would be GREATLY appreciated,

What do u mean by this?

Anyway: to be able to obtain what you need, you have to add custom script based that will be triggered based on the rate field of item table.


I’ve been searching for that, however, I’m not very well versed in custom scripts and was hoping for some guidance