Validate Selling Price for Item Against Purchase Rate or Valuation Rate not working

The Validate Selling Price for Item Against Purchase Rate or Valuation Rate is not working.

I saw it work before so I don’t know why it doesn’t work now.

Maybe I forgot about something.

What are the requirements for it to work?

So far I tried:

  • Enabling it in the Selling Settings
  • Setting the Valuation of the Item for example 300€.
  • Setting the Item Price to 5€.
  • Trying to order it through the Webshop.

No Error about the value appears.

I know I had this working a few months ago and then I disabled it. Now I don’t know why and how to make it work again.

Some error is supposed to happen when ordering it right?

Hi @Smooth_Play,

You need to enable the “Validate Selling Price for Item Against Purchase Rate or Valuation Rate” option in the Selling Settings. Then, configure your items correctly. For instance, if you have an item “Item-123” with a valuation rate of ₹300 and you set its selling price to ₹5 in the price list, the system should check these values when you create a sales order or invoice. If the selling price of ₹5 is lower than the valuation rate of ₹300, the system will trigger an error message, preventing the sale at that low price.

We tested it in v15 and v14, it’s worked properly.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your quick response,

I saw it working before, now It doesn’t work at all. I’m on v15.

Already cleared-cache and bench build. Still nothing.

It also used to work on the Webshop for the Client when he sets the item in the Shopping Cart.

Nothing appears on the logs. Weird.

It will work on “Sales Order”, “Delivery Note”, and “Sales Invoice”. so check it.

It’s not working anywhere :S I even tried to recover an old backup from when it used to work, but strangely enough, it just doesn’t, not even on Sales Order.

Do I have to set some percentage anywhere? ( the tolerance )

again read it. check your last purchase rate and item valuation rate.

With all this setup, the sales order was made without any error.

I tried deleting all Tax Rules and Price Rules to check if that was the cause.

Still not working for me.

Item valuation rate, not item master valuation rate. Please check it.

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It worked! Thank you!

My bad, my mistake.

Basically to Test it out one needs to make the Purchase to the Supplier, not setup the Item Master Valuation Rate.

Thanks again and forgive me for taking your time.