Validating email id

Is there a any way to validate email id frappe other than manual code for validating email id

@shahid_khan021 into the email field, put “Email” into the Options!

You can do that via, doctype or customize form, for standard doctypes



but what i mean is

is there any frappe defined function is like validate_email() or some thing

@shahid_khan021 sorry if my answer is not clear!

Which kind of validation are you looking for?
Front-end validation?

Backend validation?

Frappe have a lot of functions, maybe you should take a look into the frappe code!

@max_morais_dmm i am looking for front end validation i looked to frappe code i got this

function validate_email(txt) {
return frappe.utils.validate_type(txt, “email”);

but i can’t find validate_type in utils directory

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@max_morais_dmm t hanks for helping me to find the file thank you very much

updated link