Validation Error After Reversing Journal Entry

When I click on “Reverse Journal Entry” in a submitted journal entry of type: Bank Entry, and try to save, I get this error:

“For 1210 - First Bank - C1, only credit accounts can be linked against another debit entry”

I noticed this is a validation for when a row in the accounts table has the Reference Type set to ‘Journal Entry’, please why is this so?

erpnext v11.1.14

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same issue, were you able to figure this out?

In the transaction row, reference the original transaction that made the initial journal entry, and not journal entry. That fixed it for me.

Hi it automatically sets the reference to the original transaction.

I mean the original transaction which generated the Journal entry, e.g Purchase Invoice etc

What about it was done via Journal Entry only, It didn’t go through Purchase Invoice and etc.?

Then do not reference anything, just reverse without a reference

Okay will try.

Hi, I’ve been getting the same validation error upon trying to reverse a Journal Entry transaction, is this case already resolved? If yes, how? thank you.

Same here. I receive the same error in v12.16.2