Valuation calculated but not updated in item master

Can please someone help…

I created a new item with FIFO valuation and no stock.
After going through cycle with Purchase Order, Invoice and Purchase Receipt, I was hoping that the valuation will be updated in the item master.

But the valuation remains 0. When I open the stock ledger, the values are indeed calculated, just the item master is not being updated.
Is this an error on my side or on the ERP side?

Thank you

(described in this article:

The valuation rate field on item master is to set default valuation rate. If the user doesn’t enter any valuation rate, then it checks for Valuation Rate field in the Item master for the transaction.

In your case just by entering purchase receipt, your valuation rate is updated on your stock ledger. This updated rate will not change field value of valuation rate in the item master.

For more details:

I see, so I misunderstood the documentation. I expected the valuation field in itemmaster to update automaticallz once a valuation was calculated.

Thanks for zour help @Aadhil_P_M

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