Valuation for non-stock material

Is it possible to maintain a valuation for a non-stock material (a service), which is used in a BOM?

I want the BOM to represent full cost, which includes external treatment. I understand subcontractor would be the way to go, but I want to avoid this due to the additional administration and limited requirement.

Hence I add the non-stock material to the BOM. When entering in the BOM I give it a value, but I would like it to get the value from the materials (service) master to make sure its up to date. Consider it to have an inspection as part of the production. How would I go about this best?

I think it’s a good idea. But short of re-hauling the BOM, I don’t think there is a way of achieving this. But it’s not a bad thought to re-haul the BOM, because a big component of making an item is services, labor etc.

But that’s too big a change. For the moment your easiest and best bet would be to go the subcontractor way. Which is not too hard. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.




Agree it is not too hard, but I tend to make things as automatic as possible, since the intended user would rather have nothing to do with the system at all.
You probably recognize the unregular users feedback "why do I always have to follow so many steps / is everything so complicated / doesn’t the system understand what I mean ".