Valuation of manufactured Products

When I manufacture a product, I’d expect that the value of the manufactured product is calculated from the BOM and updated to the master and used in Stock Entries. But i dont see that happening. Am I missing any setting?

When I create a Stock Entry with type ‘Manufacture’ I get a validation error that the validation for the manufactured product is missing. I wouldn’t know the value of the manufactured product - it has to be calculated from BOM, and I don’t know how to make that happen in ERPNext. Any help from experts?

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Please share the screenshot of error message.

In the Manufacture entry, valuation for the finished item is auto-set based on the value of raw-material + operations (if provided). Do you have stock of the raw-materials? If they, it should also have valuation rate.

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This is the error message when the production order is finished.

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I had a similar problem - which went away when I changed items to be “maintain stock”. The thread is here…
BOM packaging/filling fee which is not time dependant - #7 by trentmu and the note where it works is at the bottom

Thanks for the reply.

Can you please check if items in the BOM are non-stock item? Or have you enabled negative inventory in your ERPNext account?

If raw-material items were purchases at some positive rate, or updated via stock reconciliation, then that would have been sufficient for calculating valuation of finished item as well.

Yes, the stock is maintained and negative stock is disabled.

Please note, the costing is calculated properly in the BOM, just that it is not getting updated as the valuation rate in the item master.

Thanks much for the response.

Please share screenshot of BOM and Material Transfer entry created for this Production Order.

Thats the BOM of the production item with costing details.

There is no MR for the material transfer of type ‘Manufacture’ on finish of Production Order. An SE is directly created and submitted , thats when the valuation rate error is thrown.

Please also share the screenshot of Material Transfer entry created against Production Order, with values in it.

Also mention if you have done any customization on this front.

As we didn’t want the manufacturing user to do an SE, we have customised it to create an SE and submit it without any user getting involved. On click of ‘Finish’ and entering the qty, an SE is created directly, there is no MR here.

Is that where the problem is?

and I understand that the core also creates an SE and not an MR.


args: {
“purpose”: purpose,
“qty”: data.qty