Valuation Rate doesn't work

Hello ERP Community!

I just started exploring ERPNext but the valuation rate doesn’t reflect in items when i look at it.

I tried to use the stock reconciliation to adjust the valuation still doesn’t work

Why is it always zero?

But in Stock Ledger i can see the stock valuation rate.

My steps how i key in the items is

  1. Items > Key in all fields necessary > Set valuation rate to moving average
  2. Then i go through how we will get the stock PO, PR, PI then PR
  3. Then Stock quantity is reflected but the valuation rate is not.

Please enlighten me

Welcome :slight_smile:
Valuation rate in Item master is used to post COGS/expense in case the system does not find any valuation rate available in stock ledger…


Thanks for the prompt reply!

Oh it’s normal to show 0 in that case??

haha i feel so embarrassed now, expecting the valuation rate to be reflected in the item master.

Please correct me if i’m wrong.

Yes its not mandatory. Basically, valuation rate is based on your stock ledger entry either FIfo or moving average method. Valuation rate in Item master will be only used just in case the system cannot find any valuation rates in stock ledger. Mostly useful if negative inventory is allowed

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Thank you for enlightenment on this matter :grinning: