[Version 11] Valuation rate from Item Master not working

I have problem with using valuation rate in Item Master.
EDIT: I’m on 11.1.3 master
I have found here on forum, that if there is no entry in stock ledger, it takes valuation rate from item master. It is mentioned here

and here

I use moving average method and negative stock inventory. I have set valuation rate for every single item in its item master like this:

When I add this item to SO, then go to Edit Item row, there is no valuation rate (it is set to 0):

After Submitting SO, creating Material Req and submitting Material Issue, in Stock Ledgere is this:

And also in Project costing, where I expect price of consumed material based on valuation rate, is no cost for that item at all:

Any idea what could be wrong?

EDIT: If I create PO for that item, valuation rate is OK.

Still no ideas how to solve this issue?

Any updates on this issue?
I’m also facing this problem