Valuation Rate in Gross Profit Report

I did Query Report on Sales Invoice like Gross Profit Report but with some additional fields and I need to add valuation rate field in it.
When I added it from item table it didn’t retrieve the correct data.
Any one can help me with effective way to add it or calculate it.
Thanks in Advance.

You have 2 valuation rate
In item screan
And in stock
When select the item it take the valuation from item screan
If you update valuation in item screan you will do it

Thanks for replying @Mahmoud_Kelany
But how can I get valuation rate value as its value in existing reports (eg. Stock Ledger)?
Because when i got it from item screen it equal 0 or 0.1

The only way now
You can update valuation in item screan
Until i find solution and reply you
But you can tell me the main colmns you need in the report and i can find another report

I wanted report like “Gross Profit”+ some columns like (sales order, delivery note, sales account, Total cost…)
and I got them by query expect correct valuation rate.