Valuation rate values for some items not showing when entering Purchase Orders

Why does ERPNext show the valuation rates of some items when you create Purchase Orders and for other items not. All items have valuation rate fields filled with values. Is there something in addition I need to do?

If fetches rate if found in the stock ledger entry. If it doesn’t find there, then it checks in the Item master. And lastly, if it doesn’t find any reference, then it leaves blank.

Thank you very much Umair. I will review and confirm where I went wrong.



Good morning Umair,

Sorry to bother you again.

I followed your instructions and applied a specific item which had the valuation entered on the stock master. There was no entry on the stock ledger.

If I process a stock issue, the valuation value does not show on the line detail screen. Along with this, I allow negative stock.

I then processed a stock receipt which updated the stock ledger with the valuation value on the stock ledger.

Then I processed a stock issue again and the valuation value showed up as expected.

My assumption is now that I would have to process stock receipts first. I realise this sounds contradictive to normal circumstances as you would rather have stock available to process any type transaction that absorbs stock. In this particular case I am allocating cost of electricity to a specific water pump on the irrigation system for a farming operation. I allow electricity issue to go negative and reconcile later to monitor usage and reset amount on hand to zero for the next cycle. Obviously I could have received “stock” based on a budget and issue from that.

Could you please comment on this when you have time?

Kind regards,

Harry Müller