Value Change Notification triggering on doctype delete event

Hello there.

I have a notification setup on Value Change of a field of Customer doctype. The notification is email and system notification.

This works as expected. When the field value changes, then the notification is triggered.

I wanted to delete a Customer with some ID, but it was connected to another doctype. So the Customer document is not deleted and I get an error as shown below:

The weird thing is when I get this above error, the Notification that I have setup is still triggering.

I am tracking the changes in the Customer doctype, but it does not show any changes done when the delete event is triggered.

What is the issue? How do I resolve this?

I want to use notification on Value Change itself. It is important for our workflow.


@rmehta sir?
Any help from your team would be highly appreciated. We are not able to figure this out.