Value too big for Item Name

I am trying to import items but getting some items with errors “Value too big”

for example : !!
Error for row (#87) : {“message”: “Item 902-0108-0000: ‘Item Name’ (Mounting Bracket for ZoneFlex 7352/7372, R600, R500. Mounts to hard wall/ceiling, outlet box, pole, truss. Includes Security Torx screw. Supports padlock.) will get truncated, as max characters allowed is 140”, “indicator”: “red”, “title”: “Value too big”}

how can I increase length for item name field

Best of my understanding, there is no option to increase limit for Item Name field. You should rather use Description field for saving value with more characters.

ok could you check the error I am getting !! and give any solution to add it

Error for row (#21) : {“message”: “Materials EVS5036S-R: ‘Item Desc.’ (512 Channel Embedded Video Storage - Dual controller architecture, ensure the system reliability, 64-bit high-performance multi-core processors, ensure the massive data processing stability, Support SAS multiple cascade, external SAS interface bandwidth bi-directional 192Gbps, ensure the system storage capacity expand-ability, 36 HDDs in Single device, single system up to 240 HDDs, capacity up to 1440TB, Up to 4-1000Mbps Ethernet ports, and 2-10000Mbps Ethernet ports, Support 3.5 inch, 2.5inch SAS/SATA (1T/ 2T/ 3T/ 4T/ 6T) HDDs, which can mixed different capacity HDDs, Support HDD hot-swap, online replacement, online expansion, Support standard iSCSI protocol and video stream direct recording, Under video stream direct record mode, support 1024Mbps video recording and 128Mbps network playback, Under video stream transmit mode, support 4096Mbps front-end access; 4096Mbps network transmit, Under IPSAN working mode\uff0cstorage bandwidth \u22652.4Gbps,Support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60/ JBOD, hot-spare, ensure the security of storage data.) will get truncated, as max characters allowed is 300”, “indicator”: “red”, “title”: “Value too big”}

[quote=“kyabroudi, post:3, topic:26909”]
… working mode\uff0cstorage bandwidth \u22652.4Gbps,Support …[/quote]
just a wild guess … can it be the importer does not play well with the \ character in your description and therefore throws this error (which would be misleading if the above was the case) at you?

No Ive tried and clean it but still give me max char. 300 and mine is over 1000 I think … and even though contains some special characters like / should accept it as I think