Van sales on ERPnext 13

Is anyone actively using ERPNext for vansales ? wherein the salesman loads the stock in his van in morning and goes to Market and does the sales .

What is the best user friendly option / screen you would suggest ?

Yup!! We do that already. Have been doing it for several years now with ERPNext.

See this post (and actually read the whole thread):

That was written several years ago and we are now upgrading that system to the v13 ERPNext. The only thing that is a little different now is that we abandoned the native POS system built into ERPNext and went with the add-on application POS Awesome because it allows us to work in a live mode just like the older POS versions used to do when we started out.

The Tables we reference in the post are probably no longer available and the drivers here have all switched to the latest Apple iPads with Cellular tower connections. (And before you even ask… NO it does not work well on a cellphone).

Hope this helps…

BKM :sunglasses:

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Oh yeah… one last thing.

The post I sent you to read talks about “modifications” I had made to the old ERPNext POS module to add the address of customers in the search and to have a field for the PO#. That is because it was several years ago when I did all of that and nothing really existed for mobile sales reps yet, so I did what I could. My years of testing in a live environment led me to this…

Those changes already exist in the POS Awesome application so nothing extra has to be done. In fact, I have worked with the creator of the POS Awesome application over the past few months to tweak the program to make it even easier for use as a mobile sales terminal and all of those have been added in the most recent public release of the application.

In other words, your timing could not have been any better! I just finished the tweaks and implementation testing of the package last week. I launch again with all this new version the first week of April.

Good luck on your adventure!



Thanks Dude for the details . Good to know that POS Awesome is the module that is to be used for the outdoor sales .