Variables in Email Message

I want to use Variables in Email Alerts.
Please let me know, how can I use variables in email alerts.
Like I want to send email like:

Hello Name_of_User,

PO_Number of Supplier_Name created on Create_Date created by PO_Creater_Name is pending for your approval.

Do read this:

also see the example in the Email Alert on how to use dynamic properties of the doc.

@rmehta the link that you provided is broken, are you able to help to provide another link? I want to know what are the other variables which are available as well for the message. thanks!


I have created an email alert for PO like below

A new PO has been generated as per following details:

PO No. - {{ }}
Supplier - {{ doc.supplier_name }}

Kindly review and approve the same

You can use doc.transaction_date for the date of creation and doc.owner (you will have to add a custom field with name owner and type link and option User) to get the name of the creator of PO.

Hope it helps !!

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Hallo, exactly this is interesting for me - but the link is not working - too old.

Please let me know, where to find these variables today.

An example of your search options for docs?

From an ERPNext instance, in Help search box enter ‘email alerts’