Variant Item code


Can I customize the variant-template relationship so that when I save the template it does not change my variant item codes?

I don’t understand the relationship between Item code and Item name.

Scenario 1. I made an Item template. Its code was the same as its name. I made variants and their names were composed of the template name + the variant abbreviations. I gave each variant its code. When I went into the template and clicked save, the codes of the variants became the names.

Scenario 2. I gave the template a code that was different from the name. When i clicked save, the code of the template was inserted into the name of the variants.

Yes this is confusing and not ideal. In an upcoming update, automatic variant naming is removed.

@sofia can you please set the correct category while asking a question.

Has anything been done with this?

I cannot enter 2 variant attributes whose abbr values are the same, without throwing an error. I assume this is related to automatic variant naming.

We have color codes for different models that are the same, but different color descriptions, I can easily add a custom field to specify the model.

However I cannot use our color codes in the abbr field without throwing the error…

Is there any way to kill this error?

Can you share the screenshot / message?


I have really been trying to adapt our products to the ErpNext system.
I would like to recommend to my employers to use the paid subscription version.
We sell eyeglass frames by the way…
Since the free account is only 1 user, it makes it very difficult to test the scenario, and then to demonstrate it.
So… I have been dealing with an instance I installed on Amazon.

I have some observations that concern, items, item variants / attributes and the website.

  1. In our case you have an eyeglass model, with a sun lenses it is item group “Sunglass” without it, is in item group “Optical” … The lens attribute is not needed for Optical variants, only size & color.

  2. Size & Color attributes, we code the size with a 2 number designation, 55 for example, that would be our abbrv., however, the sizes vary model to model, 55-13-145, 55-18-140 … Color names also vary across model, so Shiny Black, Black Gloss are both coded as BLK. Because of the unique requirement of the abbrv. field, it is not possible for us to use these 3 simple attributes.

  3. If I start from 2 templates per model, to differentiate between sunglass & optical variants to avoid problem (1) , and I create model specific variants to deal with (2)… then I have issues with how the results are displayed on the website product page. The combo box selector labels are the model specific name ( AM001 Color ) versus the generic attribute name ( Color ) …

  4. Bonus issue … you cannot tick the “no copy” option of the Item DocType’s Description field without triggering an error when creating the variant. If the “no copy” is not ticked, any saved change to the template then overwrites all the variants Description field.

Item naming / codification are not linked. You can always set your own item name. I am not sure if the abbreviation is used anymore


But the website labels are linked to the coding name, not the actual name , it’s backwards, and abbreviation in variants is used, in the sense that if there is a duplicate abbreviation it throws an error.