"Variant of" field empty in a Variant ( Variant Attribute Table )

So i have 10 variants of a template item

in this table everything looks good, but in the tabVariant Atrribute Table the “Variant of” field is supprisingly empty

Does anybody know what this issue is ?

Okay I got the root cause

The user somehow changed the variant based on field to “manufacturer” after creating or maybe queing the variant creation and the variant are actually based on an “item attribute”.

Ideally, the system should not let this happen

I am not able to change it back to “item attribute”. Does anybody have any idea how can i fix this ? Because i will have to delete these items and variants, then note the stock and move to the new item that i will create and also will need to reconcile Sales order and delivery notes and all other documents :smiling_face_with_tear: