Variant question

Hi all,
I created an item x in erp next, then I created a few variants for it. x-color-blue, x-color-black, etc…
I can select the variants in the website now, however when I try to add it to my cart I get the error message:
“Item x is a template, please select one of its variants.”
What gives?

Thanks for any help!

In my test account, I am not able to find Add to Cart button for an item.

@rohit_w can you check and assign to someone?

Best in my knowledge, on the Wesbite, only template item is published, with options to select the variant options. Based on the variants selected, finally only variant item is added to cart.

Hi umair,
I believe you need to add stock for your product in the warehouse assigned to the item and you should see the button appear.

Yes. Now, add to Cart Button is also working fine. We should make Website Warehouse field copied from some default. Usability issue to improve.