Varying yield in BOM

I just came across ERPNext and it looks very promising. I have installed it on my VirtualBox and started to play around with it.

We are an ice cream company. I defined the BOM with our various ingredients (Milk, Cream, Sugar, etc.) and that looks very good. I like how it calculates the standard cost based on that.

First question: Would you use the packaging material as part of the ingredients to add the costs for that?

Second question: When we produce the ice cream based on the recipe, we sometimes have varying yields. If it’s a single batch that we produce, we might be able to make 4 tubs, if it’s a subsequent batch, we might be able to make 5 tubs out of the same recipe. When I define the BOM to create 4, then I can’t enter 5 when submitting the completed work order. How would I do that?

Third question: While it has created a batch number based on the structure I have defined, is it later possible to scan a QR Code based on that batch number when picking the tubs from the freezer?

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  1. If you are using standard packaging material to pack the items, you can create packaging as an operation and the cost will be added to final product.

  2. In manufacturing settings, you can add the over production allowances. Please check.the below link for the same
    Manufacturing Settings

  3. You have to create a QR code based on batch number in the manufacturing stock entry and then you will be able to track the items based on the same

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Thank you, I will try that.