VAT and CST in Purchase Order

While creating a Purchase Tax Master. How do I mention any tax like VAT 5%.
My problem is, while creating a purchase tax master, it is asking for amount, but how can I mention the amount at the time of creating tax master. It should only caculate on %age of Total/Actual, whichever is mentioned there.

While Creating ‘Purchase Tax’ master , Onle Enter Value ( In Percenatge ) in ‘Rate’ field.
On ‘Purchase Tax’ master , ‘Total’ and ‘Amount’ field is read only .
If we select Tax in ‘Purchase Order’ form then value of ‘Amount’ and ‘Total’ (tax) will display after submitting the purchase order.

Example -
1.Create one ‘Purchase Tax’ master with
Title= VAT
Consider Tax or Charge for =‘Total’
Add or Deduct=Add
Type=On Net Total
Rate= 2%

2.Create Purchase Order with
Item=Book Qty=5 Rate=50 Amount=250

-In ‘Tax and Charges’ field , Select ‘VAT’
-Save and Submit the purchase Order

3.On Purchase Order form
-In ‘Purchase Taxes and Charges’ datagrid , open ‘VAT’ tax row.
-Check value is displaying in ‘Amount’ and ‘Total’ field.

Here Amount= 5 because VAT Tax=2% on Net Total

and Total = 255 (Net Total+ Tax Amount=250+5 =255)

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.