Vat audit report

The following extract was taken from the vat audit report documentation

Check the following to make sure the calculations in the report are correct,

Zero Rated items have “Is Zero Rated” checkbox checked in the item master.

All VAT accounts are selected in South Africa VAT Settings.

I am facing a problem. I export goods to neighbouring countries, and I would like these invoices to be zero rated. Now the audit shows correctly with zero values in the tax column, when zero rated is checked in the item master(as noted in point 1)

However this makes it inconvenient for me as I would have to duplicate all my products, in order to sell to export clients at zero rated tax. (Is there any way of avoiding the noted point 1)

What i had in mind is to check items as zero rated on the sales invoice page instead of doing it on the item master for each and every product.

Please let me know what can be done in this situation, I am hoping there is a workaround.

Use the Tax Rule Feature and Group Customers according to their tax