VAT computation report

as in india, VAT is reimburse if we get tax paid purchase invoices.

Can someone help me to generate a report which shows details of paid and collected vat (tax) and deduct paid tax from collected tax?

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As of now there is Tax computation report is not available from the system.Would you mind creating a Github issue for this.


Got it.
Thanks for info. @ArundhatiS
Are any guide for creating query based reports?

Also, i think its a feature reqest, not an issue.

Is it possible to get this feature by paying some amount?


Hello Dhruv,

You can have the Tax information from the Sales / Purchase Register and then the calculation for Vat computation can be done offline as of now.

Sorry for mentioning it as an issue, Please add it as a feature request on Github asking for the option for paid development.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for raising this item.

We are also performing this manually in erp currently but would prefer if it is delivered in erp as a standard available report in the relevant vat submission format, given it may not be a complex a report to implement and is required by nearly all Indian corporates.

Look forward to seeing it made available.

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Yup, will post here if i got it.
BTW, currently i can generate form 201A and 201B from it.

If you want, i can share it with you

i am getting this type of report currently.

but i need following columns for the report which i can’t add from “pick column”

  1. customer tax number ( can be fetched from customer form )
  2. Primery tax
  3. Additional tax.

we have double tax here in guajrat. i.e. primary tax ( which is 12.5% or 4 % ) and additional tax ( which is 2.5% or 1% )
so i have created two tax pattern ( one is 12.5% + 2.5% and another is 4% + 1% )
so i need individual column for each tax.

i am working on it on my side, if anyone has idea how to create additional column please reply here :slight_smile:


Please check this link to learn how you should manage consumption tax (like VAT) in ERPNext.

Hope this helps.


Can you share on you do this?