VAT implementation in Angola


There are new tax laws in Angola that require special conditions to be applied to the accounting software used there.

The of VAT legislation will take effect starting in October 2019. This deadline applies to software billing solutions, SAF-T file, and invoicing rules:

Software solutions must be compliance with the requirements of the new legal system in order to process sales documents, invoices and other fiscal documents in accord to the legal framework. This rule applies to all the subjects of the VAT scheme.
Software creators must apply to a software certification program by the government which is mandatory.
Starting from 1 January 2020 it will be mandatory to produce a monthly SAF-T file and send it to the government tax authorities.
From 1 January 2020, all taxpayers with an annual turnover of more than AKZ 50,000,000 will be required to produce the above referred SAF-T files and use certified software.

So what are the possible solutions for Erpnext in Angola?

I found this reference from which I quoted some previous:

Hello @youssef ,

Did you find a solution to this? I am willing to collaborate on one with someone from the understands the tax system in Angola

I didn’t work on it