Vat need to be in the journal entry

Hello dears

During journal entry creation vat is not coming to enter in the entry. But there is no issue in purchase invoice and sales invoice. I need to enter vat expenses using journal entry.
Hope you guys will help me.

Make sure that your VAT Ledger currency should not be blanks.

Kindly confirm your VAT Account Ledger currency field and if blanks select your company currency in that ledger.

Thank you :+1:
Now its appears

Can you please tell me about another doubt
While submitting journal entry the system will not allow if I didnt enter a cost center… So previously there was no cost center in the journal.
Now by using customization i have created and added the cost center but still now it disallowing the submission by saying that you need to create a cost center.

As you can see in the below image cost center is existing in the journal and still this notification is coming