VAT on Extra charges in PO

I have a material supplier who charges for the material, a commission on the sale, a local road use surcharge and a fee for delivery. The material is an Item on the PO and the extras are under Taxes and Charges. My problem is that when I add the 19% VAT it only applies to the material and not the other Extra charges. Do I need to create an item for the delivery charge? I was under the impression the standard method was to use the taxes and charges table.

Also I’m a bit confused about the account headers for the commission and and delivery fees. Is it really necessary to have a separate account header for those charges? I can’t save the invoice without setting them.

Thanks for any help!

As a (temporary) workaround it is possible to add/use an additional item which is calculated at pre-VAT rates, and allow the system to calculate VAT on the overall total. Not ideal, but it does work OK

You can create 3 Taxes type actual for the 3 charges mentioned and than three VAT Lines to calc the vat on these item…

You will have to create extra charges as item.

Ok, so it seams it’s best for me to make the delivery charges and other fees items. Is it ok to have a generic delivery charge item that gets used for any supplier? Same with a Commision fee. Naturally the valuation of the item would be changing on every PO so will this cause any problems down the Road?

Sorry for all the basic questions but I’m new to ERP systems.