Ver 8 New Email Inbox

With the presence of the new Email Inbox on Desk what do we need to do when we upgrade from Ver 7. I see after upgrade there are still email accounts in setup\Email Accounts.

What has changed and whats the benefit i searched documentation but didnt fully understand its goals and purpose?

As i see it the New Email Inbox is intended to allow a single point of interaction for users where within ERPNext they are able to use ERPNext features and also use their email hosted elsewhere. As such the email accounts under setup remains the same and is needed in addtion to the New Email Inbox so you can poll email inboxs like

I could see dependiong on design that you use this new function another way but would like clarity on its design?

ok stand corrected the new Email Inbox does have an effect on the Email Accounts. when clicking communications in ver 7 i saw the items submited but now in ver 8 i get the screeen to create an email account and two filters and no items…
please forward documentation…

Now we have Email Domain and Email Account. The details which were captured in Email Account will now be saved in the Email Domain master.