Ver5 - Something wrong with the layout of quotation and sales order forms

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1- Something is wrong with the how the quotation and sales order forms look. I am on Ver5. Item table comes on the side of the page (rather than centered like in V4) and it’s narrow. Also in the print format the items table comes to the side, and the text is overlapped.

2- I am having and error when I login to desk. it says “Redis cache server not running. Please contact Administrator / Tech support”. I did the following and it shows there is a fatal error with Redis config file:

ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-181:~$ bench setup procfile
ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-181:~$ bench setup redis-cache
ubuntu@ip-172-31-19-181:~$ bench start
04:59:23 workerbeat.1 | started with pid 2827
04:59:23 web.1 | started with pid 2828
04:59:23 worker.1 | started with pid 2829
04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | started with pid 2832

04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | process terminated
04:59:23 system | sending SIGTERM to all processes
04:59:23 system | sending SIGTERM to pid 2827
04:59:23 system | sending SIGTERM to pid 2828
04:59:23 system | sending SIGTERM to pid 2829
04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | *** FATAL CONFIG FILE ERROR ***
04:59:23 workerbeat.1 | process terminated
04:59:23 web.1 | process terminated
04:59:23 worker.1 | process terminated
04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | Reading the configuration file, at line 35
04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | >>> ‘hll-sparse-max-bytes 3000’
04:59:23 redis_cache.1 | Bad directive or wrong number of arguments

Help please.

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1- For the layout part, I went to customize tool of the quotation, I can see now that that the section breaks and column breaks are miss-located. I think it’s because of something that happened during the upgrade from V4 to V5. Could it be because I added a few custom fields to the top the form? I customized the standard Quotation, Sales Order, PO … doctypes. I didn’t make my own doctypes. Is this a problem ?

2- Still no clue regarding Redis. I tried bench retry-upgrade and it went smooth but still the error shows up.


1- For the layout problem, it turns out that because I had custom fields my whole form layout with disarganized (I think this is a bug in the migration tool or script that you need to look at). When I reset the forms to default things became better but my custom fields were all pushed to the bottom. I had to rearrange them again which was a lot of work. But it’s done now.

2- I stil have problem with Redis, and I think it is making my EPRnext response very slow. I still need help with that please.

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Yeah we moved around the fields. Maybe we can reset the layout by default in the migration script.

What is your issue with redis (new thread please).