Verified Colombian CoA

Heyho my Colombian Friends!


Needs help:

  • Categorize the account_type (see multiline code comment). I thought of a most significant digit based dispatcher onto the data source. done
  • General feedback and testing
  • If somebody knows how to set up account based taxes, that’d be of great help, as one of the original authors of Odoo’s ln_co module, with a little help, I beleive, we can get something really solid, here.
  • currently best maintained python libraries to imteract with DIAN’s electronic invoicing nightmare API?

(Greatefully scraped from - only the non-licensable parts :wink: )

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Looks like “Description” & “Account Dynamics” are also not licensable and in the public domain as part of the legislative text: Decreto 2650

So I think it would be a nice & welcoming feature for our colombian accountants to have that description & dynamic only a mouse-hover away.


Who is responsible for reviews on the Frappe side?

It’s almost two months now that the PR is ready and I haven’t got any consideration on my contribution, even though the following people are marked as reviewers:


If ERPNext isn’t community driven, I get it, and that’s fine. But to execute on such things as verified CoAs, there is probably little choice than depending on the community (or hiring expensive law firms, ofc).

All I expect in return for my contribution is a review and guidance how to bring it into shape to get eventually merged.

Thanks for any help!

cc @rmehta

@Ruthra @Deepesh_Garg

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