Version 10 + 2017 Roundup

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Season’s greetings :tada::tada::tada:

We at Frappe and EPRNext Foundation send our warmest wishes to you as we begin the New Year.
2017 Roundup
2017 was a landmark year for the product and community. The ERPNext Foundation, an independent not for profit organization was formed to drive ERPNext forward as a community. Close to $50,000 has already been raised by the community by annual memberships, and a team of four developers now work full-time for the foundation. There were two ERPNext conferences this year, one in Germany, hosted by ESO Electronic in March and the annual three-day event in Mumbai in October.

The developer team was super productive, and three major versions, 8, 9 and 10 were released this year. Even Gartner acknowledged this by including ERPNext in their ERP Frontrunners quadrant, making ERPNext one of the top products globally. We also launched two new libraries Gantt and Charts, and both are currently among the best used open source libraries in those domains.

Community collaboration also started to increase significantly, as most of the replies in the forum are now done by the community. Close to 20% new features have also been user-contributed, and we see that trend accelerating in 2018.

Version 10

This Christmas, we launched Version 10 of ERPNext. Two new domains for Agriculture and Not for profit organizations have been introduced. You also will see many requested features like Payment Terms, Employee Advance, a new Data Import Tool in Version 10. ERPNext Version 10 will be updated on all ERPNext Cloud accounts by the beginning of 2018.


Support for Value Added Taxation (VAT) for the GCC nations has been added in ERPNext. If you are in UAE or Saudi Arabia, you can start issuing VAT compliant invoices out of the box with ERPNext with Version 10.

ERPNext Agricultural Domain

The Agriculture domain was driven by the collaboration between Frappe team and the ERPNext community led by @Tropicalrambler (Alain Berger). This is yet another domain along with Healthcare, that has been added thanks to contributions from the community. The Agriculture domain lets you manage your agricultural activities with ease. You can set up crop cycles, keep a track of land units, diseases, and maintain soil and water analysis reports.

ERPNext Conference Videos

The annual ERPNext Conference was held in Mumbai and there passionate discussions on collaborating and the future of the product. This time we had a three-day event, with close to 120 participants from 10 countries. Some of the members also shared their stories about implementing ERPNext in their organization.

You can view our Community and Developer talks on YouTube.

Foundation Updates

We would like to welcome Revant Nandgaonkar who will now head Operations and Community for the ERPNext Foundation.

Towards the end of the year, the local chapters have been getting more and more active. Here in India, we had an ERPNext developer and User training session hosted in Gandhinagar, Gujarat by Solufy.

The Pune chapter organized two code sprints for FedEx integrations.

The Indonesian chapter of ERPNext is organizing a three-day Developer Training event in Jakarta starting January 18th.

If you want to start a local chapter or event, all you need is to register a group on and send out invitations to the forum and local community. If you need help from the Foundation, please feel free to get in touch.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey with us so far and we hope that it will continue to be so :blush:. We look forward to your comments and feedback as usual.

Have a great 2018!

Team at ERPNext