Version 11 release date

Hello All

when version 11 will be finally released so we can install it as production?

and how can I install current version 11 beta as production?

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version 11 is not yet in production but u ca try it here
in staging branch

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Can I install current version 11 beta as production?

v12 is development, v11 is staging, v10 is production.

However you can setup a new site and try it there.

the staging branch was frozen for new features a while ago. That means v11 is in progress of becoming stable upon which it will be released in the master branch for production.

What u can do is either install v11 from the staging branch now and switch to master after the realease.

Less expertize may be required by installing v10 from master now and migrate to v11 when it will be released.

The release will be announced here in the forum. You can also check the release status on github.


How i can nstall v11 from the staging branch?

there are numerous Topics on the forum I believe. All u need is a little search to find them I assume

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@m.motwakel If you wish to try this then do it on a seperate bench instance so that your original instance remains intact.