Version 11 virtual machine image availability?

Any info on when version 11 will be available as a virtual machine image? It sounds like some of the things I’m struggling with will be resolved in version 11. I’m interested in trying it out, but like the simplicity of the virtual image setup.

You can upgrade V10 VM to 11 staging branch.

Thanks. How do I know what version the various images are? It doesn’t seem to indicate it anywhere prior to downloading.

If you upgrade from frappe-bench then it would pull latest version.

Thanks. I’ve considered upgrading from the bench, but am worried about everything just working seamlessly after the upgrade. Can you confirm that the upgrades generally go without problems?

Nope. There’s no guarantee that it would be a smooth process.

Okay, I installed the virtual machine image (production image) on another machine and figured out how to restore my latest backed up copy to it. I verified it is running. Now I’m trying a bench update. I’ll report on how it goes. So you’re saying it will update to version 11? The current version is from March of 2018 (that’s what installs from the production image available at

just make a snapshot of the VM before doing the upgrade. If anything fails, restore the snapshot and start get back to where you came from.

Or wait till Tuesday when V11 will be moved to master branch. This way transition maybe smoother.