Version 12.14.0 strange behavior Drop Ship

ERPNext: v12.14.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.12.0 (version-12)

Since update to this version following behavior is different:

  • drop ship address (customer address) no longer appears on Supplier Purchase Order. This was a previous bug was corrected earlier, but is back
  • when doing create Purchase Order from Sales Order creates AND saves a Purchase Order as draft without displaying and allowing changes like selection of naming series, etc. Previous (and preferred) behavior is bringing up Purchase Order form pre-populated with Sales Order info, but NOT saved

Are these changes intended? They are not functional for us.

Is there any update on this? I’m also having problems with the ship to customer address when creating a PO from a SO. Our company address is listed as the ship to address and I’m not able to change it to the customer’s address.

In the “Drop Ship” section of the PO, the only field visible is Customer Contact. The other customer related fields are not visible.

I’m also on version 12
ERPNext: 12.18.0
Frappe: 12.15.0


In the next section, Address and Contact, it should be possible to select the shipping address. Works in ERPNext: v12.22.0 (version-12), Frappe Framework: v12.19.2 (version-12).

Also make sure the item(s) being shipped are checked as Delivered by Supplier (Drop Ship) in the Supplier Details section of the Item page.

We have kept 2 of our 3 companies on ERPNext version 12.13 as the drop ship behavior got severly degraded on later versions.

UP TO 12.13: from a Sales Order (SO) with drop ship items when you chose ‘Create’ ‘Purchase Order’ it would let you click on item lines you wanted on PO and choose or enter supplier. It would then open AN UNSAVED PO with all the correct info pulled from SO so that it could be corrected and completed before saving. It allowed choosing of any customer address in Ship To.

FROM 12.14+: from a Sales Order (SO) with drop ship items when you chose ‘Create’ ‘Purchase Order’ the behavior is very different depending on what you click and choose without apparent logic. We click all items we want on PO and have to choose Against default Supplier. System the creates AND saves a DRAFT PO which we have to open and edit. As we have track changes it generates a large change log which was previously avoided. I forget now the other combinations of check boxes checked or unchecked which produces the undesired behavior you describe that the only Ship To address allowed is ours and NONE of the Drop Ship Customer ones show up. When this happens we have to enter manually in notes field.

Apparently easier for programmers to just force data into SQL table than to use routing as previously to prefill data into unsaved PO doctype form. Very cumbersome new behavior which is why we are many releases behind on some of our companies. Good luck.