Version 12 - Auto Attendance issue

I am trying to “Mark Auto attendance” from the Shift Type Form but attendance is not being updated.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.

Do you have any Employee Checkins in the ERP?

Yes, I have done the following

Step 1 - Create Shift Type
Step 2 - Assign shift via shift assignment to Employee
Step 3 - Import Employee Check In data
Step 4 - Click “Mark Auto Attendance” from Shift Type Document.

guide me if I have done something wrong.

Employee Checkins are also linked to the Shift, When I click Mark Auto Attendance, I do get “attendance has been marked as per employee checkin”

@Pujan_Thakkar reported observations here Version 12 - Auto attendance not working · Issue #18725 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub



Have you linked the biometric device with your system successfully?




I have not linked the device, I am doing Employee Checkins by importing data via csv.

Same problem, I’m doing check in manually

@parthdt tagging you so that you can keep a track on it


@karthikeyan5 would be a better person to guide you with your issue since he was involved in developing the feature.



Did you set the following fields appropriately?

Attendance will be marked automatically only after the Process Attendance After date. Also, the Last Sync of Checkin is until when you would like the check-in logs to be considered.

You might also need to make sure if the employee check-ins are within the shift time + allowed extra time.

After setting them, try to mark the auto attendance. Let us know if that works.



Does anyone know if standard biometric devices work with ERPNext now?

Would like to know if any of ZK Teco devices work with this.

The other feature I would like to know if when shift starts on day 1 and ends on day 2. This happens mostly in hotel industry when the last shift would start at let’s say 22:00 hour on Day1 and ends at 06:00 hour on Day 2. Most of biometric software are not able to handle it as date has changed. They start to to take check out as check in and vice versa. This way working hours become actual non working time.