Version-12 branch is still under development? should I install version-13 branch?


I am wondering if I should update my 12.24 version to the major version in version-13 branch in github.

I have loaded github page and I have found that version-12 branch was updated yesterday. version-13 branch was updated yesterday too. So it seems both versions exist and are maintained in parallel.

Do you recomend to upgrade to version 13 or should I wait a little longer?


Hi Jaime,

Although version 13 is the latest, the maintainers definitely backport certain fixes into v12. It is still supported. It just doesn’t get all the new features, breaking-changes, and major improvements from v13.

Generally speaking, I recommend using version 13. It has a much better User Interface than version 12 (imo). It’s definitely the version getting the most-attention from the maintainers. It will be supported a few years longer than version 12.

The only reasons to stay on version 12 might be if you’re using features like Web Forms or Customer/Supplier Portals, that are downgraded (it’s a long story) in version 13.

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