[Version 12] Killing the iconic desktop

Interesting. I actually think the users of the application are going to really dislike this change. They like the idea of having an easy to use icon that gets them where they need to go and it’s similar to the devices they have in their hands as consumers outside of the workplace (i.e. iPhone/Android). Looking at the revised UI looks more like something developers and techy people would like but not the actual business users that view ERPNext as a tool to do their job.


to incorporate hierarchy,should we kill the desk ? cant we add a navigation overlay menu on clicking the E icon

which will keep basic users who love simplicity of desk icons and also satisfy new power users who wants structure and hierarchy


Full width area?


This looks much better than the proposed home page in my opinion. The fact that it’s also ‘widgetized’ is a huge plus. I think it deserves some consideration…


So I just took a look at the ‘updated’ proposed home design and I think it’s much better than what was shown in the original post on this thread

Good job!


Oh no !

Too sad to remove this desktop view.
I have work with some ERPs and they all have this sad feeling of url list.
Icons in ERPNext is a good idea and I think people which don’t want it could be redirected in “Explore” menu as homepage.
Desktop could be improved with icons group and have the same feeling as your proposal.

Si I hope desktop will remain in v12.


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oh no! Too Sad.

I think people who didnt like the current desk, didnt organise it properly.

The current desk gives you access to the required module in a single click.
I quite agree with @jodeq. You can group the icons into a folder as in iOS, there by retaining the module feature as proposed in v12 as well as have the direct icon as is currently used.

I strongly support the desk with the folder feature modification.

Although a sidebar or a bottom bar as in MAC OS also would be a nice feature.

But dont kill the desk. Its simple and easy. :sunglasses:


It is good that you are changing the interface based on the feedback of the user and I am sure you must have gone through a due diligence on design. As a user of ERPNext on daily basis and based on how I have seen people in my organization using the ERPNext I believe it is not the experienced users that you have to worry about. For the items they use daily they know how to access them and have already created shortcuts for them. I have seen people putting links of document on bookmark bar for quick access.It is the new user that you have to be worried about. Any page that they will use first should be welcoming and easy to understand. I personally feel a lot of weblinks generally dissuades a new user.
The major problem even for the experienced user is generally finding documents or reports in the modules page which they do not use regularly. At time they are all over the place and can have ambiguous names. I believe you new design is already taking care of it.
Also at time new features are integrated in ERP, which are neither advertised, documented or any help is available. It is frustrating to know there is a feature that you need but you can’t figure out exactly how to use it.


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I want to highlight this


In my very humble opinion, evolve is always good. But the new UI looks like tons of navigation clicks.
Today the Dashboard is a must for the “C” level…so great to have it!
Question for the ERP Next Experts: We are talking about version 12…how long will take that version to be released? Its better to stay in V10 and wait for V12 or move now from V10 to V11 and then to V12?

Information hierarchy is a true issue for new users.
Have you ask for UX designer ?

My 2cents, I like the desktop and for end users, icons are great. Its especially good for a role like purchase ledger where you will stay on a small number of screens so you can easily setup your desktop icons/links for ease of use…


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Nice design.

Bigger and colorful icons in the hierarchy tabs will make most people miss the current dash less?

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This is great


I am for the iconic desktop, here few reasons:
1- In any website you can recognize ERPNext by it’s desktop screenshot, it become like a brand, change it now it will cost a lot for the product and community, it will be unknown product for the future at least for a while.
2- Currently icons are the trend see iOS, android, websites, Oracle ERP fusion (latest version) → world wide user friendly
3- a remider to Rushab’s post in March 9, 2016 (Configurable Desktop) where all people admire those changes, why today we should remove it.

A role is a set of doctype plus permissions, one role can be collected from many modules. system will show desktop icons of any modules involved based on granted doctype. users don’t have an option to change role, roles is not showing in the front end.

roles used to define workflow as approver perfomer.

4- I support to include TABs to browse windows inside a module like open item window in a new tab, open material request in 2nd TAB and so on,
5- Keep module home page simple for better user experience it’s very important for end user to feel comfortable when using the system. module home page can show key module indicators or incomplete documents or module statistics. add left side hierarchy module menu for doctypes and reports.
6- enable dashboards as widgets as per user privilege to be shown on dashboard.

one more point I suggest to add a cancel button so if user decide to not save a record he press cancel to go back in the main doctype window.



Wonderful idea.

@rmehta Why was this decision made? This seems to be the opposite of popular opinion. Considering the most popular discussion on the frappe.io discussion board is for upgrading, not removing, the desk, this action makes no sense.


Even if you were to remove the current desktop, why not keep the colors/icons on your idea for the new ‘deskless’ setup? At least then there would be some continuity carryover.

I’ve created a poll to see the communities’ opinion:


While I do agree that the desktop needs a change (like a widget/dashboard system), it’s one of the reasons on boarding new users was easier.

Being overwhelmed with links in the module detail view is one of the main issues we face. As new features/doctypes are added to erpnext as well as custom apps/doctypes are made by companies, this page is bound to become unmanageable in its current form.

At this point, most of my organization uses the desktop and search primarily.

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I guess that’s besides the point of this Topic.
Still 10 > 11 > 12 is the way to go. Not possible to go 10 > 12 I believe

I prefer colors in new Homepage and new module page to distinguish each item. Ex, Light grey background, white background each item with blue header text and Icon.