Version 12 New Data Import Freeze the EC2 instance

Hi Group

We had hosted our ERPnext 12 on EC2 instance. Initially, the instance type is set as t2.small, it works fine for all other operation. But when we try to import the data(product data) with 1000 rows with just 4 or 5 columns, the EC2 instance got freeze even we are not able to access the EC2 thru ssh.

Later we upgrade the EC2 to t2.medium and t2.large, now we can able to access EC2 thru ssh but ERPNext is not accessible until the Import Process finish.

Since we are hosted EC2 behind the elastic load balancer, we are getting 504 error.

Were you using .xlsx(often freezes), or .csv(much more resilient)?


We tried both the file type .xlsx and .csv