Version 12 New Data Import Tool Error

Hi ERPNEXT Community,

I’m using version 12 and have been trying out the new data import tool for items.

I created some items and export the data template and then enter new data into the excel worksheet before attempting to import it again. But everytime I uploaded the file, it keeps throwing the error as below:

  • Request for (Reorder level based on Warehouse) , Re-order Level (Reorder level based on Warehouse) are mandatory fields
  • Item Tax Template (Taxes) is a mandatory field
  • Ref Code (Customer Items) is a mandatory field
  • Item Group (Website Item Groups) is a mandatory field

Any ideas what I did wrong? I followed the template I downloaded and the data that came with the templates have all those above mentioned fields blank as well.

If you’re keeping the table fields blank for all items, just remove the table columns and import.

Since the columns are present, the system assumes that you want to add data in it. Simply remove these columns, re-import and check.

Several threads have been raised about this same issue but the responses don’t fix the problem. The error reported above only occurs when you have multiple items in a singe document.

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Hi @flexy2ky did ever come across a possible solution to this?

Yes the issue was fixed in later versions of V12

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Ok thank you. Would you happen to have a link to the GitHub issue?

Unfortunately I do not as I do not store such information.