Version 13 to 14. Submit method not called

Hi All,

I’ve created a custom doctype with Version 13 previously and I have a custom submit method that was suppose to run on submission of a document but it seems like Version 14 isn’t calling the submit method anymore when clicking on submit

class BatchPrinter(Document):

    def __init__(self, *arg, **kwargs):
        super().__init__(*arg, **kwargs)
        self.loss_account = "82550 - Realized Exchange Gain/Loss Account - MRO"  # To do: add to interface instead of static
        self.check_counter = self.check
        self.payment_entry = [] if not self.get("payment_entries") else self.get("payment_entries")
        self.party_type = "Supplier"
        self.payment_type = "Pay"
        self.company_currency = get_default_currency()

    def validate(self):
        if not self.account:
            frappe.throw("Missing account to pay from")
        self.currency = get_account_details(self.account, self.posting_date).get("account_currency")

    def fetch_invoices(self):
        invoice_filters = [
            ["bill_date", "between", [self.from_posting_date, self.to_posting_date]],
            ["outstanding_amount", "!=", 0],
            ["currency", "=", self.currency],
            ["docstatus", "=", 1]
        if self.supplier_filter:
            supplier_currency = frappe.get_value("Supplier", self.supplier_filter, "default_currency")
            account_currency = frappe.get_value("Account", self.account, "account_currency")
            if supplier_currency != account_currency:
                    msg="""Supplier's currency is {} but the currency of the account to pay from is {}. Please make sure both currency match and try again"""
                        .format(supplier_currency, account_currency),
                    title="Supplier Currency and Account to pay against Currency doesn't match")

            invoice_filters.append(["supplier", "=", self.supplier_filter])

        invoice_list = frappe.get_list("Purchase Invoice", filters=invoice_filters,
                                       fields=["supplier", "name", "currency", "grand_total", "base_grand_total",
                                               "outstanding_amount", "credit_to", "docstatus"])

        for line in invoice_list:
            doc = frappe.get_doc("Purchase Invoice", line)
            pi_status = None

            if doc.docstatus == 0:
                pi_status = "Draft"
            elif doc.docstatus == 1:
                pi_status = "Submitted"
                pi_status = "Warning"
            self.append("invoice", {
                "supplier_name": doc.supplier,
                "currency": doc.currency,
                "supplier_invoice": doc.bill_no,
                "amount": doc.grand_total,
                "pi_status": pi_status,
                "base_amount": doc.base_grand_total,
                "posting_date": doc.posting_date,
                "outstanding_amount": doc.outstanding_amount,
                "account_paid_to": doc.credit_to

    def before_save(self):
        if self.invoice:

    def submit(self):
        except Exception as e:
            frappe.msgprint(e, "Error on creating payment entry")
            for payment in self.payment_entry:
                doc = frappe.get_doc("Payment Entry", payment)
            self.payment_entry = []

        if self.payment_entry:
            for i in self.payment_entry:
                self.append("payment_entries", i)

Is it correct that version 14 doesn’t call the submit method anymore? I tried debugging on submission of sales order and it seems like there was no call to submit method in the Document class