Version 14. Print Format permission error

Hi there,

I’ve been testing out version 14

there seems to be a permission error with api calls from print format that involves custom field.

First i created a child table

Then I added the table as a custom field to the item page

I can edit this table by going to the item page

But on the print format that involves an ajax call which fetches the field i get a permission error

Below is the code that is on the work order print format that fetches the custom field

{%set locations = frappe.get_list("Item Physical Location By Branch",
                                            filters={'parent': i.get("item_code")},
                                            fields=["branch_name", "location_code"])%}

This seem to also happen on some child tables from frappe as well.


Note that I checked all of the permissions and they seem to be fine. i can edit the fields and see them from other pages. It looks like the jinja calls is not applying the correct permission.